3 Tips for Your Bruce Twp Fall Landscaping Project


Fall Flower Beds: Extend Your Color and Get Ready for Next Spring

Bruce Twp Fall Landscaping

Fall is around the corner, and while that means it’s time to start winterizing your yard and garden, it doesn’t mean that your yard has to become brown and colorless. Fall plantings can extend the color in your flower beds through the season and will give your yard a burst of color early in the spring.

Extend the Color

Fall is coming, and we often think that means we need to clean up our yard, pull up our annual plants and settle for a dull, colorless yard. That isn’t the case, however. With the right plant selections, you can have beautiful, colorful flower beds through the fall.

Pansies are a great plant for fall flower beds. Pansies are frequently used in Michigan flower beds in the spring, when temperatures are warming up, the frost is light, but the potential for snow lingers. Pansies are tolerant to cooler temperatures, and can even withstand a light frost or snow. This hardiness also makes them ideal for fall flower beds, not just our early spring plantings. Consider planting yellow or orange pansies to complement the changing tree leaves.

Mums are another hardy plant that will extend the life and color to your flower beds. The opposite of pansies, the mum is a dense, heavy plant with thick leaves and a full flower. Their thick leaves make them hardy in the cold, and ideal for a fall garden. Mums come in a variety of colors and flower types, so you have a wide variety of options when deciding how you want your fall garden to look. Some mums will come back year after year, and provide nice green foliage for your spring and summer gardens, too.

Spring Color Starts in the Fall

Even before you are ready to plant your first flowers for the spring, your garden can be full of life and color. Plants like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth are planted as bulbs in the fall, and in the spring, are some of the first flowers to emerge. Fall is the ideal time to plant your bulbs. There are a variety of plants that grow from bulbs, and they are not limited to spring time flowers. However, they all have one thing in common, they must have the cold soil of the winter to encourage flowering in the spring, summer or fall. When planting your fall garden, plant your bulbs first, and then plant your mums and pansies over the top.

Flower Bed Maintenance

If you have perennials in your flower beds or if you are considering some fall plantings, your flower beds will need some continued maintenance. Here are some tips for getting your flower beds ready for fall plantings and spring bulbs.

1. Make sure that your perennials are deadheaded. This will encourage additional leaf growth, and may extend the blooming cycle of some perennials if the weather is mild.

2. Fertilize. Add a slow release fertilizer to the soil. These products will slowly release food into the soil. This will keep your fall flowers growing strong, as well as provide nutrients to help your bulbs survive the cold Michigan winter. If you are concerned about chemicals around your children or pets, add some compost to the soil, it will work just as well to fertilize your garden.

3. Turn your soil. Turning your soil and breaking up the hard top crust allows more moisture and air into the ground. More moisture and more air means healthier, happier plants.

The United Plant Center Can Help with Your Bruce Twp Fall Landscaping Project

If you are looking for ways to keep your flower beds colorful, stop in to The United Plant Center. Our amazing plant experts will help you find just what you need to complete your Bruce Twp fall landscaping project.

The United Plant Center is a Macomb County nursery located on Van Dyke – just south of 29 mile road. Stop in and see us today!



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