Bruce Twp Nursery Gives Ideas for Adding Water Features to Your Backyard


Bruce Twp Nursery Water Features

Water features are a great way to bring a bit of peace and tranquility to your backyard. Since outdoor living is becoming more and more popular, it is fun to create a space that is enjoyable to hang out in and is beautiful and inviting. Even if your yard is small, you can still add a water feature to your outdoor sanctuary.  Here are some fun and simple ideas for adding a water feature into your small backyard space.

Miniature Ponds

You don’t have to have a huge yard to add a pond to your outdoor space. Small ponds make a great addition to any size back yard. Ponds only need to be 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep in order to keep water fresh and clean. Make sure that you select a location for your pond that is not in direct sun, or under a tree that may drop lots of debris. Small ponds are relatively easy to install; you simply dig a hole, line it with heavy duty plastic or a quality pond liner, and fill it with water. You can hide the plastic using rocks or by installing an edge and then planting over the plastic. If you want to put fish in your pond, make sure that there is a deep hole in your pond where they can live over winter.


A waterfall can be a great addition to any small space. Traditionally, homeowners that wanted a waterfall in their yard included it as a feature of their pond.  To do this, you use a small pond pump and hose to pump water out of your pond and down a small pile of rocks, back to the pond. If you chose this method, you will want to bury the hose and add plants around the rock pile to hide the location of the hose. Another option, which is used often on patios and decks, is to create a pond-less waterfall, using a wall or flat surface, a container, rocks and a small pond pump. Water can be pumped to the top of the flat surface from the container below and then returned to the container, which is filled with small rocks. This can create the same sound and feeling of a waterfall without the pond.


If your space is very small, but you still want a water feature, consider a bird bath. Bird baths can incorporate small fountains or water falls, in a very small space. They also provide the entertainment from watching local birds visit your patio. To attract birds to your bird bath, have a small bird feeder in the area, as well.

Bubbling Containers

Bubbling containers are a lot like a fountain or a waterfall. They use a container or two and a small pump. The great thing about bubbling containers is that you can purchase them premade and assembled, or you can create one, easily, as a weekend DIY project. If you are creating your own bubbling container, make sure that you select pots or containers that have a hole in the bottom that the pump cord can run through. Otherwise, you will have to drill a hole in the bottom of your container. Bubbling containers are great for spaces of all sizes because they fit well on patios or can be incorporated directly into your yard or garden.

Looking for a Nursery Near Bruce Twp, MI?

If you have a small space, and are looking for a way to add a water feature to your backyard or patio, consider visiting the United Plant Center for all of the supplies necessary to create a beautiful and relaxing water feature.

United Plant Center is located in Washington Twp, Michigan on Van Dyke Rd., just north of 28 mile.


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