Need to Buy Mulch in Macomb County? Here are 4 Things You Need to Know


 Buy Mulch in Macomb County
Mulch is a very important part of having a garden. Not only does it provide a nice clean cover for gardens, making your landscape look clean and tidy, but it also is crucial for having a healthy garden. Mulch will protect your plants from heat and cold. It keeps moisture from watering in your soil instead of evaporating, and as mulch decays, it provides important nutrients to your garden without adding fertilizers. The decision to add mulch to your landscape is an easy one, the decision about what kind of mulch is not always easy. Here are four things you need to know when you are purchasing mulch.

Consider the Source

Most mulch that you buy either bagged or in bulk from a Macomb County nursery or a big box garden center is going to come from a good source. Most commercial mulch is a byproduct of the lumber industry. Scraps and bark are shredded and turned into mulch. Some municipalities or landscaping companies may also sell or give away mulch made from tree branches that have been removed from trees in the community. These sources are generally safe, and free of pesticides or other chemicals that may harm your yard. Be careful of buying mulch that is very cheap. Cheap bagged mulch may contain more than just mulch. Cheap mulch is often made from construction site waste; it may contain trash, metal scraps, or unknown chemicals. Make sure that you always get your mulch from a reputable source.

What’s the Purpose?

When buying mulch, consider the location and purpose that you will be using it for. Medium or fine chipped mulch is good for flower beds. It provides good coverage, but isn’t a pain to work around. If you are mulching a vegetable garden, a good option is straw or fine chipped mulch, as it degrades quickly and provides good nutrients to the soil. If you have a space, perhaps under trees, where you don’t plan on planting, bark mulch is a great option. Because it is larger, it doesn’t break down as quickly, looking nice longer. Replace or refill when the area starts looking sparse. In these low use areas, you may want to add a layer of landscaping fabric first so that you don’t get weeds in your mulch.

Bag Vs. Bulk

Really this is a matter of cost and logistics. Both bag mulch and bulk mulch are fairly equal in quality. You can get mulch in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors in both bag and bulk mulch. From a cost perspective, bag mulch is generally more expensive per cubic yard. However, if you don’t have a place to dump bulk mulch, bagged mulch is your best option. It is conveniently packaged and easy to move. Bagged mulch is also great if you need a few different types of mulch for your landscape. Bulk mulch, can be a bit less expensive, and if you need help transporting the mulch The United Plant Center can deliver it for you. 

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Mulch is an important product for your property. If you need to buy mulch in Macomb County or if you are interested in having mulch delivered to your property, contact The United Plant Center in Washington Twp.

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