Shelby Township Garden Center: Selecting the Right Evergreen Tree for Your Outdoor Space


shelby township garden centerEvergreens are beautiful trees that keep their leaves all year round. They can add visual interest to your landscape, act as a stand-alone center piece, or work together to create a natural fence. Before you add an evergreen tree to your landscape, Shelby Township garden center cautions that you should understand what works best for our area and how to select the right tree for your space.

Types of Evergreens

Most people don’t know much about evergreens, other than that they don’t lose their needles or leaves and that they make great Christmas trees. There are four different types of evergreens that are commonly used in landscaping. Some of the most popular are conifers, or trees that have needles instead of leaves. The most common types of conifers used in landscaping are pine, spruce, fir, and cedars and junipers.

Factors for Selecting an Evergreen Tree

Just like other types of plants or trees, there are a variety of factors that need to be considered when planting an evergreen or conifer in your landscape. First, know your soil type. Trees can be very sensitive to soils and if planted in the wrong soil, your evergreen tree many not thrive. If you have hard clay soils, Arborvitae or an Austrian Pine might be your best option. If your soils are sandy or high in pH, you may want to select junipers or a ponderosa pine. Second, consider the size of your space. If you have a small area, your best choice may be a juniper or Cyprus tree that grows narrow. Junipers and Cyprus trees are also great for creating a natural fence or visual barrier. If you have a large space, and you are looking for a stand out tree, select a larger tree such as a Balsam Fir or a White pine. Finally, consider water. Some trees do well with less water, while others require more water to thrive. If you don’t mind watering or have a lush space already, select a tree that will thrive in higher moisture levels such as a Concolor fir. In general, however, most conifers and evergreens prefer to be dryer and in well drained soils.

Native vs. Non-native

When you are considering what kind of conifer or evergreen to plant, another consideration should be whether to plant a native species or a non-native species. While many non-native species do just fine in the climate in Southeast Michigan, some do not. Your best choice for a long lasting, healthy evergreen tree is to select a tree that is a native species. These plants are already developed for our climate, and will be able to handle our hot summers and cold, snowy winters.

Shelby Township Garden Center: Selecting the Right Evergreen Tree for Your Outdoor Space

If you are considering an evergreen or conifer for your landscape, but are not sure what will work best, your Shelby Township garden center, Macomb County Nursery, can help you select the right trees and plants for your space.

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